Our Difference

Fully automated through a one-layer one-node artificial intelligence, consensus is guaranteed under all circumstances. There is no theoretical upper limit to the number of transactions the blockchain can process in one second.

Relying on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, the Lobotomy blockchain is totally quantum resistant. The possibility of 51% attacks, double spending, and distributed denial of service is completely precluded.

Through pre-cognitive consensus (feature pending) transactions will be confirmed before they are even transmitted, enabling a reversal of causality.

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Key Benefits

Dynamic: Access to the network is uninterrupted all day, every year, with no downtime ever.

Autonomous: Group consensus has been replaced with a simple, verifiable AI that constantly keeps learning and improving, removing energy expensive Proof of Work.

Interoperable: The transaction format is so simple it can be implemented in any other blockchain. Transactions can then be mirrored on the Lobotomy blockchain, anchoring their existence in a single collapsed view of the world.

Scaleable: Providing the highest transaction speed in the blockchain industry, there is no upper limit to the transaction rate. Think of any number, and you will find Lobotomy can process more transactions than that per second.

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Our roadmap for the future


White Paper Released

White papers are too long, and no one reads them. Lobotomy solemly vows to keep the technical description to a mere four pages of incomprehensible text. In LaTex, because all good papers look like academic papers. We'll also release a tokenomics one-pager. With a pie chart.



Smart contract auditing is costly. And their terms and conditions say that they're not responsible for missing any really serious bugs. Even Fiverr looks a bit expensive, so we'll do it ourselves. I mean, it's only going to be an ERC20 token and nothing else. What could go wrong?


IQO (Initial Quality Offering)

We made up our own three letter acronym! Although it is really just an ICO, and our CTO did mutter something about "intelligence quotient zero" under his breath. But we don't listen to him. He's such a downer, man.


Blockchain Launch

After all the original developers have cashed out their tokens and left, it is going to take the marketing team a few years to learn how to code. But we're sure they'll get there in the end. How hard can writing programs be, really? I mean, some of the developers can't even speak comprehensible English.


Lobotomy relies on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Every transaction exists in all possible states of consensus. With luck, you will be living in that universe where everything is fair and trustworthy. We do our best to ensure that is the case.

Consensus is provided through a single-layer shallow neural network with one neural node (SLSNN-1). This simple yet effective deterministic method ensures lightning-fast processing and packaging of transactions, with minimal energy requirements.

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What our supporters think

Don't take our word for it. See what our eminent user base has to say about the Lobotomy blockchain:

Albert Einstein (physicist)

Potentially the best unknown blockchain solution in the universe.

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Elon Musk (entrepreneur)

I wasted my time on Doge and Bitcoin. If only I had found out about Lobotomy earlier.

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Napoleon Bonaparte (emperor and general)

With Lobotomy I am sure my failed land war in central Asia could have been converted into a success.

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Miley Cyrus (thought leader)

I am excited to be helping lead the way in blockchain innovation. My first action point is to learn what the hell a blockchain actually is.

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